7 Questions w/ Raul Reynoso

The recent release of Raul’s self-produced CD, “Royal Street,” which features the Rhythm Brothers and special guest violinist Johnny Frigo, has brought Raul international acclaim from Jazz reviewers in the U.S., UK and Europe. The instrumental and compositional skills displayed on this, Raul’s first solo CD, have solidified his position as one of the world’s finest guitarists. We caught up with him recently for our 7 Questions With series, and it went a little something like this: With the current state of live performance being what it is, what is [...]

7 Questions w/ Jocelyn Gould

Like so many musicians with cancelled show, festival, and tour plans this year, Jocelyn has had to reorient herself in a dynamically shifting landscape for performers. Read about her "recalibration" tactics, thoughts on ultra-simple vocal/instrumental rigs, and learn about what she's got in store for you this year and in 2021! With the current state of live music performances being what it is, what is your musical (or otherwise) focus right now?  Lately I have been focusing on developing the technology that I need in order to put out quality [...]

7 Questions w/ Michael Bashkin

A local Fort Collins, CO-based luthier, Michael Bashkin jokes about how he and Peter Henriksen came to know each other, only while both were away at the same distant guitar shows: "just two Colorado people getting together outside of Colorado, and only outside of Colorado." Michael's an incredibly talented luthier, scientist, artist - and hey, bass player, too! Read on to learn more about his process. The acoustic instruments you make feature incredibly beautiful and ornate inlay, engrafts, and all manner of tasteful yet exceptional decoration, on top of the [...]

7 Questions w/Tim Lerch

Currently one of the Pacific Northwest's busiest and most well respected guitarists, Tim Lerch is a member of the legendary Northwest Gypsy Jazz Group, Pearl Django, as well as the Tim Lerch Jamie Findlay Duo. In between gigs with PD and Jamie, Tim tries to play as many solo guitar performance as he can fit into the schedule. He was gracious enough to submit himself to our infamous 7 Questions - read on to learn more about him! The tagline on your website is Taste, Tone and Telecasters. You have [...]

Guitar Stories: Bill Piburn

Guitar Stories - Bill Piburn This guitar is an electric, nylon string Gibson Chet Atkins model, and I call it my computer guitar because it’s easy to play, and it has a good sound quality without plugging it in. It’s not a guitar I’d want to record with as far as doing a record; I’d use a nylon string with a larger body and greater sound quality for that. But it’s a real playable guitar, everybody loves it. It’s got a sound chamber, so it’s not a solid body; [...]

Guitar Stories: Jim Nichols

My favorite guitar was made for me by a legendary guitar builder named Bill Hollenbeck, who’s unfortunately not with us anymore. Here’s the story of how we met, and my favorite instrument. It’s gotten much harder to travel with a guitar nowadays; if you’re lucky and there’s room in the overhead, maybe you can carry one on the plane. Years ago, in the early 2000s and late ‘90s, I went to the Chet Atkins festival and carried on a Taylor acoustic and a Telecaster, both in the same big deluxe [...]

7 Questions w/John Knowles

John is a Nashville-based, 100% Chet Atkins-bestowed Certified Guitar Player (or was it Country Guitar Picker?), a passionate teacher, and a lifelong student of music and his craft - as well as a recipient of an advanced degree in Physics from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. After plying that degree working for Texas Instruments for a short time, he and his wife had a son, so John naturally figured he'd better knock off the pie in the sky physics stuff and enter the real, working world, with a guitar [...]

7 Questions w/Maegen Wells

Setting up shop in Forestville, California, Maegen Wells is an unabashed fan of the art of luthiery and luthiers, the archtop guitar, the opportunity to include a variety of nuanced details in her guitar builds, and naturally... Buckethead. She spent 5 years with previous blog subject, Tom Ribbecke in his shop, and will be showing at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival here in Colorado this September, as well! 1. Are you a player yourself, and if so, how much time do you spend playing versus building? I am a [...]

7 Questions w/Bob Palmieri

Serving as Chicago’s DePaul University’s primary jazz guitar instructor for the last 28 years, Bob Palmieri has also maintained a busy performing and recording career that has included electric guitar work for the Rochester & Florida Philharmonic Orchestras, the Columbia, Windham Hill and Blue Note record labels, Ray Charles, Nancy Wilson, Brian McKnight, Lyle Mays, David Foster and many more. As a technical wizard in the field of guitar pickups and studio gear, he has also designed and built dozens of transducers and analog audio devices for well known musicians [...]

7 Questions w/Tom Ribbecke

Tom Ribbecke has been building world class guitars and basses for a long time, but by no means has he ceased to innovate, reinvent the wheel where he thinks necessary, or rested on his laurels in any way. Case in point - his incredible concept for greater soundboard projection by emulating the suspension surround of a speaker cone for more flexibility and greater board amplitude! 1. How did you come to be associated with Peter or Bud, and the Henriksen brand? I knew Bud initially. The reality of it is [...]

Amplifying Quality Instruments

Amplifying Quality Instruments by Peter Henriksen and Gerry Humphrey You only need an amp for performing, so other people can hear you playing, right? Well, it’s certainly important in that regard, but amps are also popular with lone guitarists as they improve their skills and continue their quest for the ultimate tone. Playing a wonderful guitar through a high-quality amplifier is a great way to develop finesse and touch with your fingering style as you don’t need to lean into the instrument itself too hard. What sounds better than a [...]

7 Questions w/Cristian Mirabella

With a foundation and training in the classical art and traditions of luthiery  - but a mind solidly fixed on the future and the ever evolving needs of modern players, Cristian Mirabella continues to push the envelope of electric archtop guitar design from a place of great experience and familiarity with the instrument's roots. 1. How did your relationship with Henriksen Amplifiers begin? It started in the early 2000’s. I grew up and was working in a shop at a time (80s /90s) when most guys were using Polytones, Roland [...]

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