Folding Amp Wedge

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Folding tilt back wedge for your Henriksen amplifier – get up to a 30 degree tilt with a wedge that conveniently folds up for storage in your gig bag pocket.


1 review for Folding Amp Wedge

  1. Larry

    Reflecting on my recently received The Wedge:

    Immediately obvious is the compact, sturdy, excellent materials and construction. Some serious design thought went into the form and function of this simple device.

    On The Wedge’s first outing, a secret was revealed that I haven’t heard mentioned. By sliding The Wedge forward from the speaker for a lesser angle, a reflective leather-like surface is exposed to the base of the speaker.

    With The Bud beside or behind me, the exposed angled surface of The Wedge kicks up to the player’s ears just enough sound to provide a monitor-like effect. Thanks, Pete — I love it!

    I’m beyond delighted that I DID NOT opt to concoct my own styrofoam board and duct tape version of a wedge.

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