An acoustic guitar amplifier the size of a toaster that has enough real power, tone and features to cover real gigs, and that sounds just as incredible with your acoustic as it does with your electric, as well as with your voice. Sound too good to be true?


Play jazz guitar? Play a jazz guitar amplifier. The Henriksen JazzAmp is the world standard for dark, rich jazz guitar tones in an extremely powerful and portable package to cover any jazz gig. Want to know why the Henriksen JazzAmp has become the favorite guitar amp for so many gigging jazz musicians?

Quality Amplifiers for Musicians Who Truly Care About Their Tone

Henriksen Amplifiers manufactures top quality  jazz guitar and acoustic guitar amplifiers for the gigging musician with a discerning ear for tonal quality.  Our JazzAmp has become the standard worldwide for jazz guitar tone and The Bud acoustic amplifier is quickly taking center stage for acoustic guitar amps and singer songwriter amp solutions.  Our amplifiers are all made in the USA to the highest standards to provide you the tone you’ve been searching for your whole life in a portable package with more than enough power and features for your gigs.  Whether you are a jazz guitarist in a big band or a singer songwriter in a coffee house, if you care about your tone, we make an amplifier you’ll love.

Jazz Guitar Amplifiers

Discover the jazz guitar tone you’ve always been searching for with the JazzAmp line of jazz guitar amps from Henriksen

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

See what all the buzz is about surrounding The Bud acoustic guitar amplifier.

It’s the only amp I play. It does just what it says, amplifies my jazz guitar. No coloration or proprietary sonic characteristics for me to work around. Just me and my guitar sound. I can enhance frequencies to suit my taste. It has concert power with gigging portability. The perfect amp for any venue setting and my amp of choice for nearly ten years!

Bobby Broom

Through all my years of performing and recording jazz guitar I have always searched for an amp that gives me clarity of tone and “my sound” no matter what the playing or performing situation. In Henriksen I have found that amp. Plenty of power in a light weight package for blues gigs with J.Geils or guitar duos with Bucky Pizzarelli or Howard Alden…Once you try a Henriksen all your other amps will go in your local want ad.

Gerry Beaudoin

A fat, warm sounding amp that works both as a single combo amp, or as a second amp in my stereo setup. Thanks for a fantastic, musical product.

John Abercrombie