Henriksen Amplifiers designs and manufactures high quality, analog musical instrument amplifiers in Arvada, CO. We cater to professional level players who care about their sound and need performance-ready equipment.

In 2005, our founder Bud Henriksen began working on an amplifier to fill what he saw as a void in the marketplace for a guitar amplifier designed to meet the needs of jazz guitar players who wanted extremely high quality sound in a portable package.

Made In Arvada, CO
100% Customer Satisfaction


The Bud SIX is without question the smallest, TRULY GIGABLE guitar amplifier on the market. You won’t believe the tone coming from either your electric or acoustic guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, not to mention the volume The Bud is capable of cleanly producing.

At 9x9x9 inches, 17 pounds and 120 watts of analog power with a feature set that allows you the versatility to cover almost any kind of gig, this is a MUST HAVE piece of gear for the working musician.



The Forte Head

This analog hybrid amplifier combines a full plate voltage 12ax7 preamp with our tried and true Henriksen preamp, complete with 5-band EQ, and our analog power amplifier to create an unbelievably responsive and versatile gigging machine. The Forte is 120 watts of analog power with a saturation and input gain control to fine-tune just how you like your tone. The Forte is equipped with TRS FX loop, reverb and a balanced XLR line out.


Bill Piburn

This guitar is an electric, nylon string Gibson Chet Atkins model, and I call it my computer guitar because it’s easy to play, and it has a good sound quality without plugging it in. It’s not a guitar I’d want to record with as far as doing a record; I’d use a nylon string with a larger body and greater sound quality for that. But it’s a real playable guitar, everybody loves it.

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"The best amplifier in the world.
Bar none. Henriksen. Get one!"
Jimmy Bruno
A fat, warm sounding amp that works both as a single combo amp,
or as a second amp in my stereo setup.

Thanks for a fantastic, musical product.
John Abercrombie
It’s the only amp I play. It does just what it says,
amplifies my jazz guitar. No coloration or proprietary sonic
characteristics for me to work around. Just me and my guitar sound.
I can enhance frequencies to suit my taste. It has concert power with
gigging portability. The perfect amp for any venue setting
and my amp of choice for nearly ten years!
Bobby Broom
I am so happy with this one piece of equipment
that is literally transforming my touring life.
I take it with me everywhere. I use it for my
electric guitar my jazz guitar and my classical
guitar and my hybrid sitar guitars - really it does it all.
Fareed Haque
Through all my years of performing and recording jazz guitar
I have always searched for an amp that gives me clarity of tone
and “my sound” no matter what the playing or performing situation.
In Henriksen I have found that amp. Plenty of power in a light weight
package for blues gigs with J.Geils or guitar duos with Bucky Pizzarelli
or Howard Alden.

Once you try a Henriksen all your other amps will go in your local want ad.
Gerry Beaudoin