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Archtop Guitar

Great demo of The Bud Amplifier for the upcoming issue of German guitar magazine “grand gtrs”

Archtop Guitar

Benedetto player, Wayne Wilkinson performing the Jazz Standard, “Yesterdays”, with his custom Benedetto, Ben-Bino, through the Henriksen Bud Amplifier.

Archtop Guitars

John Storie and Perry Smith playing Charlie Parker’s “Scrapple from the Apple” through The Bud Amplifier.

Archtop and Acoustic Guitar

Will Brahm and John Storie playing both electric and acoustic guitar through a single Henriksen Bud amplifier.

Slack Key Acoustic

Jim “Kimo” West performing, My Hawaiian Heart, through the Henriksen Bud amp

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

Sean McGowan demoing The Bud Amplifier using both a K&K Sound Pure Mini pickup and Meridian microphone, each plugged into a different channel on the amp.

Archtop and Flattop Guitar

A couple of talented young players stopped by the NAMM booth to show off their chops. You can really hear the separation and clarity of the two completely different types of guitars plugged into the same Bud.

Archtop Guitar and Vocals

John Storie and Spencer Day demonstrating guitar and vocals through the same Bud.


Violin through The Bud? Yes, and Sandra Wong made it sound amazing.


Nyckelharpa, an instrument as difficult to amplify as it is to play. Sandra Wong and The Bud made it look easy.

Acoustic Mic vs. Line Out

Sound Pure Studios demonstrating the Mic vs. Line Out through the Henriksen Bud Amplifier.

Singer/Songwriter Setup

Sound Pure Studios demonstrating acoustic guitar and vocals through The Henriksen Bud Combo Guitar Amp.

Acoustic Pickup Comparison

Sound Pure Studios demonstrating different acoustic pickups through the Henriksen The Bud Combo Guitar Amp

7-String Guitar

“In Walked Bud” performed by Taylor Roberts

Brad Nickerson Virtuoso Archtop

The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo-5 (Brad Nickerson Virtuoso Archtop w/ Lindy Fralin PAF)


The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo (Banjo w/ Kavanjo Banjo Pickup System)

Nylon String

The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo-3 (Godin Multiac Series-ACS Nylon String)

Archtop and Upright Bass

The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo (Upright and Archtop w/ 10″ Henriksen Extension Speaker)

Acoustic and Vocals

The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo (Singer Songwriter w/ Taylor Guitar, SM58 Vocals)

Brad Nickerson Flat Top Acoustic

The Bud by Henriksen Amps Demo-2 (Brad Nickerson Flat Top Acoustic w/ K&K Pure Mini)

Nylon String Guitar

Our friend Bill Kopper stopped by to do a quick video for everyone asking how The Bud works with nylon string guitars.

Telecaster w/ Full Drive and Martin D28

Nick Amodeo demoing The Bud with both a Tele and an acoustic guitar.


New West Guitar Group

Perry Smith, John Storie, and Will Brahm of The New West Guitar Group performing Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo a la Turk at Henriksen Amplifiers inaugural Guitar-B-Q.

Acoustic Guitars

Sean McGowan and Adam Miller at the 2015 Summer NAMM show taking the new 3-series JazzAmps for a test drive.

Gibson ES 175

Take a deep breath composed by Javier Pérez Sandoval Carrera Quinta Big Band rehearsal

New West Guitar Group

New West Guitar Group with Tom Gershwin – Blue Rondo


John Dalton Group

Jon Dalton Group “Imagine” (John Lennon). Recorded for the United Nations International Day of Peace 2013.


How to Get that “Jazz-Tele Sound” – Telecaster Jazz Tone Demo through the Bud JazzAmp 312

Gonzalo Teppa, double bass

Gonazalo Teppa performing an original, solo composition for double bass entitled, “Pajarillo Cadencioso”, during his trio performance at The Factor Stage at Henriksen Amplifiers. The double bass was run through a JazzAmp312.