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GIG BAG INCLUDED – All the tone, power and features of The Bud are now available in package that’s just over 3 lbs!

Whether you’re looking for a pedalboard amp, an amp head, or a powered 2-channel DI, the new Bud Head is for you. The Bud amplifier has become the go-to amp when it comes to quality tone, power and versatility, offering truly gig-able utility in the smallest possible package.  Now you can pack all of that in your gig bag with the new Bud Head! It has the same 2-channel pre-amp as The Bud, the same power, but does not require a speaker to be attached so you can go straight to the house system, powered monitor or recording interface, or use it to power a speaker cabinet of your choice.

Available on backorder


Demo The Bud Head

Demo The Bud Head


The Bud amplifiers are designed to offer the highest quality tone for BOTH electric and acoustic instruments that you’d expect from a studio situation, with enough volume to cover almost any gig. Henriksen Amplifiers is all about tone first, the incredibly portable size and feature set of The Bud were developed around the sound, not the other way around and you can definitely hear the difference.  Our pre-amp, from input to output, is designed using the highest grade audio components. We offer a 5-band EQ with carefully chosen center frequencies which were fine-tuned by ear to meet the demands of different playing environments using the widest possible array of musical instruments.  We give you two identical pre-amps, each with independent EQ and reverb and actual 48 volt phantom power, and an auxiliary input on each channel so that whatever you are using it for can be EQ’d separately from your instrument signal.

Tech specs

120 watts

3.5 lbs


2x Ext. Speaker out

Headphone Jack

Dual channel, independent EQ and reverb with phantom powered XLR/1/4" combo inputs

Studio quality line out (post EQ and reverb, both channels)

1/8 Aux. input

Wireless Aux input

5 reviews for The Bud Head

  1. Wayne Wilkinson

    Just purchased the Bud Head and toured with it in the UK in Nov 2021. It worked fabulously well with zero issues regarding different voltage ect and the new Bud Head automatically changes and accomidates without having to turn a switch for UK voltage. I love that feature! I also used the 6inch external Henriksen cabinet. Even with a 10 piece group, it was fantastic and had plenty of head room. The speaker fit in the suitcase and I hand carried the amp (3 & 1/2 pounds!). I have been using Henriksen amps since 2008 and can’t say enough as to how fabulous they are. The Blue Tooth feature is super cool as I use it with the “I Really Pro” App for practicing and for playing tunes on breaks for certain gigs.

    If you don’t own a Henriksen product, gtr one! It’s monet well spent!

  2. Lynn Stockdale

    Great little amp great tone. My go to jazz box.

  3. Michael Z.

    I have been a tube amp user for all of the 56 years I have been playing but I was curious what modern technology could do in regards to a small, lightweight solid state amp. The reviews for the Henriksen Bud amps have been so positive that they got my attention but I prefer a bigger speaker than the 6″, 10″ or 12″ Bud combos so I purchased the Bud Head to pair with a Quilter 15″ Steelaire cabinet. I also liked the idea of having he amp closer with the option of moving the speaker farther away.
    To say I am totally pleased with this amp is an understatement. Just on its own played clean it provides every jazz tone imaginable. To color your tone further it accepts pedals exceptionally well. For jazz I add just a touch of delay and compression and for blues or fusion I add a hint of overdrive. This amp can do everything I need…..worth every penny!
    I am hoping Peter Henriksen will issue a 15″ extension cab I can pair with this remarkable amp head!

  4. Aaron Iannitelli

    This amp is a workhorse and there is nothing like it on the market. The great sound is full and rich but also takes pedals really well. I paired this head with a DV Mark cab with two 8in speakers. This small compact rig had enough headroom to keep up with a Big Band. Its great having two channels for any duo gigs with singers or other guitarists. The amplifier is super light and makes the load a breeze. There is no gig that this amplifier isn’t perfect for. I do plenty of theatre pit orchestra and this makes a great DI to go straight into front of house. If you have low output pickups (I have a single floating mini humbucker) the input gain really kicks it into gear without any unwanted distortion or noise.

    You can definitely tell that this amp was designed by a player who knows exactly what the modern guitarist needs. The customer service with this company is unmatched. Big Thank You to Peter Henriksen who was super nice about updating me about my order and even making special shipping arrangements. I absolutely recommend this amp and any Henriksen product.

  5. Jeff Ramsey

    As a seasoned guitarist and vocalist I am always on the lookout for a high quality amp that can both sound great and be super portable. To be more specific I need an amp to be able to handle acoustic, classical, & electric guitars, while providing 48v phantom power for my condenser microphone. Most portable PA systems I’ve tried are terrible when plugging an electric guitar into it so that’s not a solution. After doing a lot of research I came across the Henriksen Bud Head. The main reason I was more interested in the Bud Head versus the Bud Six or Bud Ten is that I could have the Bud Head right beside me while having the cabinet farther away from me. In the past, feedback was a persistent problem when the speaker was too close to my microphone so I typically would have my amps further away from me. The only problem with that is that the amp controls would also be further away from me if I needed to tweak them during a performance. The Bud Head solves this problem.

    Another reason why I choose the Bud Head is the portability factor. It’s super lightweight even when paired with my Ten Cabinet extension. I’m no longer interested in hauling bulky PA systems or heavy tube amps.

    Needless to say I’m very pleased with the tones for both my vocals and guitars coming out of the Bud Head. I play mostly jazz and other contemporary styles but both channels give me lots of clean headroom without having to worry about any clipping or unwanted distortion. And if I need more volume I can easily connect another extension cab or send a line out to the front of house.

    The Wireless feature is also nice if and when I need to play with a backing track or just have some background music playing off my phone.

    This amp checks off all my current requirements and so that’s why it’s the perfect companion for my gigging needs:)

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