7 Questions with Luthier Steve Grimes, Grimes Guitars

A Conversation With Hawaii-Based Builder Steve Grimes From the Northwest to the extreme Southwest - Maui-based builder, Steve Grimes is celebrating his 50th year in luthiery. He shares with us his thoughts on the industry at large, the upcoming Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival, and some new innovations in his own designs. Where did you begin your building career? I started in Seattle, in 1972, moving out to Port Townsend, WA in ‘74. I lived and built there for 8 years, and then moved out to Maui in 1982. Every [...]

7 Questions with Howard Alden

A Conversation With Jazz Master Howard Alden We sat down with Howard to discuss what's new in his world, some of his favorite luthiers, and his upcoming appearance at the Rocky Mountain Archtop FestivalSept 9-11th, 2022 in Arvada, Co. How's gigging post lockdown? Things are slowly waking up in the music business after a two year hiatus! Things are starting to happen. I'm actually going to Spain in a couple of weeks to, for a brief tour. I went over there last March as well. And I'm going back [...]

7 Questions with Leo Nocentelli of The Meters

A Conversation With Funk Legend Leo Nocentelli of The Meters We sat down with Leo Nocentelli, legendary guitarist and founder of The Meters, to get his thoughts on his influence on younger generations, funk music today, and what he loves about his Henriksen amp. How do you feel about the influence of your music, now, on multiple generations? Well, it’s hard to feel anything but gratitude, you know, because what I do and what I've done as a guitarist just came natural. It wasn't planned or anything. So it's [...]

Guitar Stories: Corey Christiansen

Guitar Stories: Corey Christiansen I first played a Benedetto guitar in 1997. My teacher, Jack Petersen, had one. It was just incredible. Good neck, balanced, no dead spots on the neck, and beautiful finish. Of course, I wanted one, but a grad student putting themselves through school could never afford a guitar like that. Nonetheless I always wanted one. Through my association with various companies, especially Mel Bay Publications, I developed a relationship with Bob and Cindy Benedetto (the high royalty/king and queen of the arch-top guitar world) and [...]

Guitar Stories: Tim Lerch

Guitar Stories - Tim Lerch When I was 19, I bought a 1952 ES 175 from a neighbor lady. It was the classic, "under the bed" guitar. I paid $350 for it and was over the moon with it! It was clean as new, and just like my idol, Jim Hall's, guitar. I played that guitar exclusively for many years, only switching to various solid body guitars as gigs demanded it. It had the best neck shape I have ever played, and it sounded incredible. As I played it [...]

Guitar Stories: Bob Palmieri

Guitar Stories - Bob Palmieri "How (and why) I trashed my rare vintage Rosewood Telecaster" In 1969 my parents bought me my first “good” guitar. Previously, I had acoustic & electric axes bought from department stores, neither of which had names on their headstock. ‘Course, at that age and time period, as my drummer friend Fred said, “There were only two kinds of guitars - a guitar and an ELECTRIC GUITAR!”. Anyhow, my mom said “the kid seems to be serious, so let’s go to a music store and [...]

Guitar Stories: Bruce Forman

Guitar Stories - Bruce Forman Barney Kessel meant a lot to me. Besides being inspired by his recordings, I had the opportunity to hear him live and even shared the bandstand with him when I was in my early twenties. Then I got to tour with him! We played many times over the years and a long friendship developed. Through it all, he played this 'pound puppy' of a guitar, a cracked and scarred 40s Gibson ES-350, with a Charlie Christian pickup from the 30s (there's a YouTube video [...]

7 Questions w/ Rory Hoffman

Rory may be the only Henriksen player who nearly (and unwittingly) recycled his working Henriksen amp, but he's also the guy to go to in Nashville for about 20 different western and world instrument session tracks, and is also adept at events from multi-generational Polka jams to beloved pet funerals. Aside from all that, he has a singular style and incredible capabilities as a player. Get to know more about him. How have you spent your downtime this past year, and what's on the horizon that's exciting for you? Well, [...]

7 Questions w/ Linda Manzer

Linda Manzer, a Jedi Master of the guitar luthiery world, has continued to find inspiration and avenues through which to challenge herself over a celebrated career that spans nearly half a century. She's a movie score loving romantic, in it for the art, and for the player. Interested in a build? Her favorite specs are your preferred specs; her approach is entirely informed by the player in question. Let's learn a little more: Your incredible skill and success in luthiery has led to a 45+ year career - impressive by [...]

7 Questions w/ Adam Miller

So an Aussie with a guitar walks into a bar off the street in New York and says, "I'm here to play with Les Paul, let me in!"... And they do, and he does! Might sound like the start of some kind of jazz-crowd joke, and it may not have quite happened that way, but it's not far off, either! Read more about this mountain biking, bass-loving, club-crashing guitarist and composer below. Every musician needs a hobby away from music - tell us about mountain biking! Ha, yes! I was [...]

7 Questions w/ Raul Reynoso

The recent release of Raul’s self-produced CD, “Royal Street,” which features the Rhythm Brothers and special guest violinist Johnny Frigo, has brought Raul international acclaim from Jazz reviewers in the U.S., UK and Europe. The instrumental and compositional skills displayed on this, Raul’s first solo CD, have solidified his position as one of the world’s finest guitarists. We caught up with him recently for our 7 Questions With series, and it went a little something like this: With the current state of live performance being what it is, what is [...]

7 Questions w/ Jocelyn Gould

Like so many musicians with cancelled show, festival, and tour plans this year, Jocelyn has had to reorient herself in a dynamically shifting landscape for performers. Read about her "recalibration" tactics, thoughts on ultra-simple vocal/instrumental rigs, and learn about what she's got in store for you this year and in 2021! With the current state of live music performances being what it is, what is your musical (or otherwise) focus right now?  Lately I have been focusing on developing the technology that I need in order to put out quality [...]

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