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The Blu amp is a single channel version of our popular amp, The Bud, and weighs in at an astonishing 12 pounds while maintaining 120 watts of incredible headroom to cover almost any gig with all the features you need.

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We wanted to create a single channel version of our enormously successful amp, The Bud, but we also wanted to try a slightly different design concept which allows us to keep the same great sound but 5 lbs lighter!  At 12 lbs and 120 watts with all the essential features and Bluetooth auxiliary channel, The Blu is professional-grade through and through with the same great tone as The Bud.  In the beginning, Bud Henriksen’s goal was to create a small, simple, plug-n-play amplifier that sounded great and was loud enough to gig. His original amplifiers had a blue painted baffle, so we used that as the inspiration for The Blu’s design.

The Blu has a 5-band graphic EQ, FX loop, reverb, full 48 volt phantom power and a Bluetooth auxiliary input for backing tracks or set break music. There is also a studio-grade balanced XLR line out, a headphone output, and a parallel extension speaker output to make full use of The Blu’s output power.

• 120 watts
• 12 lbs
• 9″x9″x9″
• Included gig bag
• Bluetooth Auxilary Input
• 5-band EQ
• Reverb
• 48 volt phantom powered XLR,1/4” combo input
• TRS send/return FX loop
• XLR balanced line out
• OEM 6.5″ Eminence Beta speaker with special fluid-cooled, high-yield neodymium tweeter (defeat-able)
• Ext. Speaker out
• Headphone Jack

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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8 reviews for The Blu SIX

  1. Andrew

    This amp is amazing. I’m a serious hobbyist and have played guitar for most of my life, mostly in classical, and jazz/Gypsy jazz styles. I’ve used numerous set ups over years. I own a Fishman loud box mini which never has that sweet warm tone with electric guitars and archtops. I used to own a Fender Princeton Reverb which was nice, but it was hard to get a darker tone, heavy to move around and required new tubes regularly. This Henriksen Blu 6 is even better, and especially responsive to fingerpicking styles. Reverb is very good. Bluetooth works seamlessly. Plenty of power. Highly recommend. Pure ear candy!

  2. Mike Cea

    I play 7 string guitar and am always concerned with the bass response in any amp I get. My guitar duo partner and I used our newly purchased Henriksen Blu amps on Tuesday and again on Thursday. WOW!!!!!!! What tone and power; exceeding my expectations. The clarity and depth were amazing. I’ve played 2 of my 7 string archtops through it, so far, and am super pleased with the results; plenty of bottom end. My partner has played his Tele and an archtop. We are blown away by these amps and recommend them to any jazz players looking for a high quality, great sounding, lightweight amplifier!!! Great amps; thanks Peter!!! Five Stars Plus!

  3. Abigail Snyder

    Finally!! An amp that simply makes the guitar sound like a guitar. I have been looking for an amp that could simply make my jazz hollow body sound like the instrument it was crafted to be. My Henriksen Blu SIX does that. I am beyond impressed with this amp.
    When I took it out of the box, I was stunned at how small it was. I was expecting it to be small…but not *that* small. I didn’t think it was going to produce any sound. So I turned the volume all the way up and played a chord. It blew me away, quite literally. This amp is all I will ever need. And with the quality, I know it’s going to be with me for decades to come.
    It’s small enough to be a carry-on when I’m traveling, but it’s sound is enough to cover almost all the gigs I play. I can’t practice on any of my other amps anymore. In fact, I’m now selling them because I can’t imagine letting my guitars play through anything else but this Henriksen. All my other amps distorted the sound, adding all kinds of effects that people think make it sound “better.” Not at all! The Henriksen Blu highlights the sound of the guitar. It doesn’t have fancy settings such as “metal” or “distortion.” Why? Henriksen realizes you don’t need those in an amp. And thank goodness they did realize that. Because my life as a musician is changed.
    The Henriksen Blu has enhanced my practice sessions. It’s harder for me to stop because I enjoy listening to the beautiful sound of my guitar that the Henriksen amplifies for me.
    Is it almost $1,000? Yes. And, sure, that’s expensive. But is it worth every penny? In my opinion, yes.
    You won’t be disappointed with a Henriksen product, that’s for sure. This amp is the only one I’ll ever recommend or play on again, and I say that with great surety.

  4. Dan Nicholas

    I’ve been using Henriksen amps since they first came out, can’t imagine life without them. I’ve had 2 jazzamp 10s, a bud 6, and now a blue 6. I was always able to sell my used ones fast. Obviously i’m a fan, but the blu 6 takes my love of these amps to a whole new level. I rely on public transportation to get to gigs, and the size and weight of the amp are not to be believed, given the sound quality. I travel frequently and often i take it with me on the plane, fits right into the overhead, no problem. At lower and mid volumes, I’d say it sounds better than my old jazzamp 10s, which sounded pretty fantastic. Only when i really have to crank it do I become aware that it only has a 6″ speaker, and that’s rare. Most gigs that require more than the blu 6 can deliver will have a PA to line out to. I don’t believe there’s a solid state amp on the market that comes close to matching the sound quality of a Henriksen amp, I certainly haven’t played one. My back and shoulders will be forever thankful for this little amp, it’s lifesaver.

  5. Jim Adams

    I bought the Henriksen 312 (my first Henriksen) in November 2017 & have played lots of gigs with it since – LOVE the sound, much better Jazz sound than my Polytone ! I own 3 archtops & this has been the best ever !!!
    Since the Blu came out, been eyeing one, knowing how much lighter the Blu is & hearing so man great things from many pros I know & respect. It was difficult to justify buying another new amp, since the 312 was my first new one since I bought my Polytone in 1989, but when i unexpectedly sold my Mergas custom archtop, replacing it with a less expensive guitar, I jumped at the chance & have been very pleased with the Blu after a few rehearsals & gigs – absolutely the BEST small amp !!! Very clean, even at higher volumes & my upright bassist even tried it & LOVES it ! ( told him to get his own ! )
    At 12 lbs, this is so unbelievable that the Blu could sound so good. I know I will still use the 312 for larger rooms & outdoor venues, but for most of my winery event & restaurant gigs, this will quickly become my favorite go-to amp ~ and I must mention the fantastic customer service – Peter really cares & it shows in his products AND service ~ Henriksen ROCKS my Jazz world ~ Thank you, Peter & your great staff !

  6. Larry Park

    I have owned this amp fo a few months now. Still love it!!

  7. Larry Park

    Just received my Henriksen amp yesterday. I run my Carvin AC 275, and a Tele through it. Amazing amp great tone, and plenty of clean power! Love it!!

  8. James Jared Taylor

    I just received the Henriksen Blu. What an incredible amp. Such great tone and POWER in such a small package. I purchased a Henriksen JazzAmp 110R in 2011 but I also need a lightweight amp to grab and go out the door. This amp does the trick and the tone is amazing. I have been using it with my Gibson Le Grand and Gibson ES 175. I have yet to plug some of my Ibanez archtops into it but I am sure they will also sound great. . . One has to adjust the EQs to get what you want. . . My girlfriend also tried her flute through the amp with a mic using the XLR input. . . We may get the extension cabinet and use the Blu and the extension like a PA for the flute. I can use the larger Henriksen amp for guitar. We play flute and jazz guitar duets. . . Anyway, great amps!

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