Fantastic review from German Magazine (FYI it is in German. click image below)

Grand Guitars

Premier Guitar Demo

“(you are)…going to love the great-sounding, reasonably priced, and almost absurdly small Bud, a dual-channel solid-state combo from Henriksen, a company that specializes in compact, clean-toned amps. But it would be a shame if only jazz guitarists knew of Bud, since players in many styles could probably find uses for this impressive little instrument.


Guitar Player Demo

“Named after his father, the Bud packs 120 watts into a nine-inch cube that weighs just 17 pounds. It’s also so versatile that you’ll want to invite the amp to every party. This powerful mini amp is great for solo-acoustic players, singer/songwriters, clean-toned retro rockers, blue-grassers, electric violinists, and, yes, jazz guitarists.”


Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“A winner of an amp!”

Guitar World Demo

“The Bud is a 120-watt, two-channel combo amp with features that put many full-size acoustic guitar amps to shame, yet it comes in a cube-shaped box that measures 9x9x9 (that inches, not feet, Nigel) and weighs less than 17 pounds.”


Summer NAMM 2015 Premier Guitar Interview with Peter Henriksen

Shawn Hammond from Premier Guitar interviews Peter Henriksen about the new amp “The Bud”