Warranty Registration

To register you Henriksen product, please fill out the form below and attach a copy of your receipt and serial number.

Our Henriksen Amplifiers’ Warranty

All Henriksen products sold in the United States are covered by a 2-year factory warranty covering parts and labor. If your amplifier needs repair within 90 days of purchase, we will ship you an advance replacement unit when possible, otherwise we will send a shipping return label at no charge. Past the first 90 days our service fee (product dependent) covers the cost of shipping both directions and a return label will be emailed directly to you. This service fee will also cover most out-of-warranty repairs once the 2-year warranty has expired, so please contact us for details if your amplifier ever needs service regardless of its age, we will be happy help! Turnaround times can vary, but we try to keep to 5 business days or less.

For amplifiers purchased outside the United States, please refer to the retailer from which the amplifier was purchased for their warranty policy.

Note: The Henriksen factory warranty may be voided  for amplifiers purchased domestically then taken outside the United States.