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    Made in the USA, quality instrument cables using Neutrik Gold connectors and high durability 18 AWG wire. These are a tried and true standard for guitar cables. We've had these survive a decade's worth of NAMM shows and still deliver for daily play-test use (and abuse) in the shop.  Best of all, we sell these direct with no retail middleman.  Available in 10' and 20' lengths, and with or without a 90 degree Silent Plug end so you can safely and confidently unplug your instrument in any situation without worrying about noises.


  • The Blu TEN


    The Blu TEN - Redefining Solid State Quality

    This design incorporates over 12 years of ideas, experiences and customer feedback. The Blu TEN is  high quality, high fidelity solid state, plug and play guitar amplifier with best in class tone and portability. At only 20 lbs and 120 watts and all the features you need for gigs, you've never heard your guitar sound so good!


  • PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING! Just in time for winter! This knit beanie cap will keep your head warm while you're loading your gear in and out of the gig.



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