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The Blu TEN – Redefining Solid State Quality

Gig Bag Included!

This design incorporates over 12 years of ideas, experiences and customer feedback. The Blu TEN is  high quality, high fidelity solid state, plug and play guitar amplifier with best in class tone and portability. At only 20 lbs and 120 watts and all the features you need for gigs, you’ve never heard your guitar sound so good!


Demo The Blu TEN

Demo The Blu TEN


About The Blu TEN




12 years ago we released the JazzAmp because Bud Henriksen couldn’t find anything on the market that sounded the way he thought a jazz guitar amplifier should sound. A few versions and thousands of very satisfied customers later, we felt it was time to apply 12 years worth of experience and understanding and re-imagine a new JazzAmp for the next decade.


A single channel design with a Wireless aux input, The Blu TEN has a 10″ speaker and a defeatable tweeter, combo 1/4″ input jack with phantom powered mic input, 5-band EQ, reverb, line out, ext. speaker out, headphone out and FX loop. The Ten is 120 watts and is 10″ deep by 14″ wide by 14″ tall and only 20 lbs. It’s similar in size to earlier JazzAmp 10″ combos, but a little deeper with a sealed amplifier chamber for better low end response and a cleaner sound.


We sent the prototype home with our friend Sean McGowan, who has more experience with our amps than any other player in the world. He has put countless hours on everything we’ve ever built and is always our #1 test subject. He sent us this text message:


“This is the best sounding mid-size combo you’ve ever built, and the best on the market! It’s so balanced, it’s insane. Fat low end but crystal clear, complex mids and highs.”

Tech specs

120 watts

5 band graphic EQ


Wireless Aux In

Phantom powered XLR/1/4″ combo input

Balanced XLR line out (post EQ and reverb)

Eminence Beta 10 speaker with custom neodymium tweeter

TRS send/return FX loop

Ext. Speaker out

Headphone Jack

10 reviews for The Blu TEN

  1. E Vega


  2. Tom Salvo

    I’ve been playing Henriksen amps on and off since Bud introduced the original JazzAmp and I met him at a guitar show here on Long Island. He wanted to hear my brand-new guitar, the new Sadowsky Semi-Hollow model, through his amp; I was happy to oblige, and we were both blown away by the tone. Now, after many years and continuing innovations based on player feedback, the current iteration, the Blu Ten, is the absolute pinnacle of jazz guitar amplification. It’s warm but articulate, and communicates all the nuances of the player’s touch, with a functional EQ, reverb, and a host of goodies that make life that much more rewarding. Ah… the good life! Thank you, Peter, for carrying the torch and continuing to provide quality instruments for the working professionals and avid hobbyists alike.

  3. David W Spangler

    I never intended to leave a 1 star review (above). This is a 10 star amplifier. Sorry I made this mistake.

  4. Mike McCullough

    An acquaintance lent me one of your older models. I wasn’t all that eager to use it on the gig, but he wanted to hear it, so I used it. My guitar came alive! I went home and ordered a Ten. I’ve had it two years now and I love it! I even used it loud with pedals once and it was great. It sounds like my guitar (with a hint of reverb). I love it! Thanks.

  5. David W Spangler

    These little amps have intrigued me for a long time. Over the years, age, styles of music and the nature of groups I gig with, a small and powerful amp is a good fit. I play Teles, Strats and a custom archtop and the Blu Ten sounds great with all. At first, I thought it wasn’t loud enough, but when I connected my pedal board, that all changed. I thought the Eminence Beta 10 was a PA speaker but after reading about it at the Eminence website, I realized that it is an ideal guitar speaker. The true test will be when I play my New Year gig with bass, drums, vocal and me on guitar.

  6. John Van Deusen

    For years I’ve been chasing that perfect archtop guitar which I was sure I had but something was missing. That’s when I looked down at my old amp and the light went on (OK I’m a low watt). When the Blu Ten arrived within ten minutes I knew I’d found the answer. So easy to dial in “my” tone no matter the room, instrumentation or volume needed, and it’s so light. The Blu 10 is an amazing “instrument”!

  7. Rich Winer

    Love my Blu TEN. Great for practice, solo Jazz gigs, and small ensemble gigs or jams. Great tone and easy to transport. I love that I can play at very low volumes for practicing and at higher volumes for gigs and jamming with the same great tone.

  8. Jim Keefe

    Love my Blu Ten. Clean and flexible. I use it all the time.

  9. Mike Cea

    Totally blown away by the Blu 10!!! Didn’t think I’d ever switch from my Blu 6 but this Blu 10 added another dimension to my 7 string jazz guitars. My Twin Picks buddy, Rick, and I use these amps pretty much all the time now !! Bravo Peter.

  10. Jeff Lunn

    I have had a Blu Ten amp for about a year now and I’m really enjoying it. Quite portable. Rugged. My arch top is prone to feed back which was a problem with my old amp, but the Blu Ten is much more resistant to feedback. I find that I use the five band equalizer a lot to tweak the sound. It seems like every room and arrangement of players has a different effect on my guitar. I use a bit of reverb, not a lot. I find it’s a nice, clean sounding amp.

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