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    Made in the USA, quality instrument cables using Neutrik Gold connectors and high durability 18 AWG wire. These are a tried and true standard for guitar cables. We've had these survive a decade's worth of NAMM shows and still deliver for daily play-test use (and abuse) in the shop.  Best of all, we sell these direct with no retail middleman.  Available in 10' and 20' lengths, and with or without a 90 degree Silent Plug end so you can safely and confidently unplug your instrument in any situation without worrying about noises.
  • Since we upgraded The Bud and the JazzAmp lines to have TRS effect loops, we have had so many people ask where they can find a Y-split cable to use it with that we just decided to make them ourselves. These are 10' long snake cables, with 2' of Y-split on the send and return sides.
  • Over a year in development using a patent-pending design, we're proud to introduce Gossamer! Ultra low capacitance, ultra-strong, ultra-light, and ultra-fidelity instrument cables that lay flat, don't kink and sound incredible. The Gossamer from Henriksen is truly something different, from the moment you pick it up to the moment you finish your gig, you'll love the difference it makes. The Gossamer is designed to be directional, and currently is only available with the 90 degree on the instrument side and the straight plug on the amplifier side in a 12' length, please ask about custom options or future offerings. LIFETIME WARRANTY, FREE SHIPPING, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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